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Reinvention and transformation of a physical and spiritual nature motivate me. My artwork is a record documenting acts of connecting. In my process I create visual relationships and links that construct a desirable whole from interdependent parts. In playful ways these connections simultaneously defy and employ logic. Utilizing tension to bridge polar relationships of the internal and external, of broken and wholeness, otherness and belonging. Tapping into the soft energetic underbelly, simple inner whisperings and holy complex mechanisms that propel an organism forward to fulfill a necessary transmutation, like earth dissolving into water or air into consciousness. 


In combination with non-traditional materials and formally accepted mediums and methods a beneficial cross-pollination yields within my work. The collection, relocation and transformation of matter are an attempt to honor the intrinsic potential in everything. It is about dismantling and dissection, re-connection and re-imagining for the essential transformation of objects and materials that are to be offered up and out like an expulsion of seeds bursting from an organism in acts of creation.


My intention is to visually represent the mind at work; to render uninterrupted flow; a myriad of impressions; multifarious thoughts and feelings; without regard to narrative sequence; and to place value on experience over deductive reasoning. I am working as a connector of various modalities and materials. My theoretical agenda is for healing, empowerment and liberation through autonomy and creative practices of expression. I am here for the people, art, music, song and open to collaborations that envision new ways of connecting, supporting and exploring for healing one another and the planet. I imagine a dreamy world beyond rational systems where being aware of our remarkable interconnectedness is a common denominator, a vehicle for compassion, a platform for growing together, and a springboard for variable, irrational and fantastic anomalies that hold us in an expression of harmony.


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